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Statement on Salim Kouider-Aïssa

Yesterday, professional footballer for Airdrieonians FC, Salim Kouider-Äissa was found guilty of sexual assault. Whilst this sadly showcases another example of sexual violence in professional sport, it also horribly exemplifies yet another severe mismanagement of the situation by the professional club involved.

Firstly, we vehemently condemn any form of sexual misconduct and specifically highlight the sexual entitlement shown through the expectation that Kouider-Äissa could do what he liked WITHOUT clear consent. Our thoughts are with the victim of this horrible assault.

Secondly, as his victim bravely sat in Court giving her evidence in, what quite possibly was, one of the most difficult and retraumatising experiences she will go through, Kouider-Äissa got ready to dress and represent his team in front of many fans. We cannot imagine the impact this would have had on her and her family.

The current silence on the matter from Airdrie FC speaks volumes and we await a statement prior to kick off today before we comment further.

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