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Why do we need this campaign? In 2022, professional sports teams continued to conduct themselves in a way that perpetuated the idea that perpetrators of sexual violence are still welcomed into a sport because their sporting ability outweighs their behaviour. This radical acceptance of behaviour is a fundamental issue that accounts for the systematic misogyny that is seen in many sports

Scotland loves its sports and it contributes greatly to our culture which influences our everyday lives. Furthermore, these attitudes that are adopted at a professional level trickle down and young children who are watching their heroes score goals want to emulate the people that they are. 


Finally, preventing sexual misconduct in sport is something that is required in order to fully address the barriers to sport that women experience. It should be a safe environment for fans, but also our incredible Scottish women in sport should not be experiencing misogyny when playing the game they love. Women should be safe to comment or commentate on sport and right now male professional sports teams have a part to play in making that happen

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